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At Stanfield, we understand the importance of a properly functioning air conditioning system, especially during hot summer months. Regular service and maintenance are crucial to ensure your AC unit operates efficiently, providing you with reliable cooling and maximizing its lifespan. Our AC Service & Maintenance page highlights the comprehensive solutions we offer to keep your cooling system in optimal condition.

Our AC Service & Maintenance Offerings:

  1. Professional System Inspections: Our experienced technicians perform thorough inspections of your air conditioning system to identify any potential issues or signs of wear and tear. We examine components such as filters, coils, fans, motors, and electrical connections to ensure everything is in proper working order.

  2. Precision Tune-Ups: Regular tune-ups are essential for maintaining the efficiency and performance of your AC system. Our technicians conduct comprehensive tune-ups that include cleaning and lubricating parts, checking refrigerant levels, calibrating thermostats, and optimizing system settings. These meticulous tune-ups enhance your system’s efficiency and prevent potential breakdowns.

  3. Filter Replacement: Clean air filters are vital for maintaining good indoor air quality and allowing your air conditioning system to function optimally. We offer filter replacement services to ensure that your system is supplied with clean air, promoting healthier and more comfortable living conditions.

  4. Coil Cleaning: Over time, dirt, debris, and dust can accumulate on your AC system’s coils, hindering its efficiency. Our technicians specialize in coil cleaning to remove these contaminants, allowing your system to cool effectively and reduce energy consumption.

  5. Electrical Component Inspection: Electrical components play a crucial role in the operation of your air conditioning system. Our experts thoroughly inspect electrical connections, controls, and wiring to ensure safe and reliable operation. If any issues are detected, we provide prompt repairs to restore your system’s performance.

  6. Drain Line Cleaning: Clogged drain lines can lead to water leaks and damage to your AC system. Our team cleans and clears the drain lines, preventing potential water-related issues and maintaining proper drainage.

  7. System Performance Evaluation: As part of our comprehensive service, we conduct system performance evaluations to assess the overall efficiency and cooling capacity of your air conditioning unit. This evaluation helps us identify areas for improvement and recommend any necessary repairs or upgrades to enhance your system’s performance.

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